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Project TrueKinetix

We Keep You Going.

A sporty partnership of Strategy & Creative.

A co-creation with Funcke.

Screenshot 2021-12-27 at 16.52.02.png

The Challenge

The ambitious Dutch indoor bike start up has already been the preferred indoor training bike brand

amongst professional triathletes. To set TrueKinetix up for growth, they needed

to better understand their audience and make the brand more accessible to Ironmans and beyond. 

The Task

  • Sharpen Brand Positioning
  • Conduct Consumer Interviews 
  • Create Consumer Profiles
  • Define Value Proposition
  • New Brand Identity (logo, brand personality, tone of voice, values, colours, font)
  • New Website Design & Communication Concept (social media templates, print ads, OOH concept)
  • Portfolio Strategy & Product Naming
Screenshot 2021-09-11 at 16.20.31.png

The proposition “We keep you going, no matter what” formed the basis for creating the new identity. The logo is inspired by both the infinity symbol and the shape of a bicycle. The orange dot refers to the Dutch brand's award-winning technology and is embedded in all communications.

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